Episode 003: God Abhors Pride (KSA) By Lipan Welly

July 18th, 2015

God called Amos and sent him to remind the Israelite that He detested their selfish lifestyle. Staying home partying and getting drunk were some of the things that God frowns upon. But they continued in their sinful ways that kept them further away from experiencing the love of God.

We can look into our own lives today. Many Christians live life to please themselves and less of allowing the Word of God to bring transformation. Brother Lipan also shared in his testimony that as a retired Army veteran with 24 years active service, he found Christ toward to end of his military career. Most of his life, he allowed pride that was keeping him away from finding the absolute truth which is the love of Christ for us. Now that he found Christ, life makes more sense now that he makes every attempt to live for Christ. And this new found passion is what he is trying to extend to others to experience. The key is Love as Christ so did for us.