MOMUSA: John 2 Part 2 Study by Surleigh Tara

May 6th, 2016

Jesus Cleaned the Temple
Scripture: John 2: 13-25
By Surleigh Tara

Following the miracle of Cana, Jesus and his disciples came to the temple in Jerusalem.  The first opportunity for Jesus to experience corruptions in the house of prayers. What used to be holy was no longer holy because people allowed the unholy practices to enter into the place reserved for worship.

Where does God live? At the beginning of Genesis, God had fellowship with Adam when it was perfect until the fall of man, which separated humanity from God.  Thousands of years later, God again had fellowship with Moses in the Tent of the Meeting or the Tabernacle where He gave divine instructions to the Israelite. Then fast forward another thousand years, in the chapter, God Himself became man standing in the temple filled with corruption. Now it's time to clean house. 

Where is the temple now?  We are all sinners but through Christ, we have been justified.  Our bodies have been bought at a high price. Therefore, we must honor God with our bodies.  The old body is dead, and the new has become alive in Christ.