MOMUSA: John 5 Part 3 on 7.13.2016 by Sato Suka

July 17th, 2016

John 5 part 3 study by Sato Suka


KIKBIST025 - Torah Fackohloh by Surleigh Tara

July 8th, 2016


AIW030: Sifac: Fahkack Ma Koluk Lasr by Salik Talley

July 7th, 2016

Alu In Wednesday online suc ma kolyuck sel Salik Talley

Wednesday July 6 2016
Sifac: Fahkack Ma Koluk Lasr
Mwe Read: Psalm 38:17-22

Sam 38: 17 - 22 Sifwa: Fwakwack ma Koluk Lasr - Pusren sam soko inge akkalemye pang a tung lal David nu sin God ke ma koluk el orala, panang el akkalemye la e arla upa sie mwet in mislakin ke pal met u suk in akkolukye kais sie sie, akkalemye la upa sel in nunku ke pal ma inge sik u, tusruk kut tia enenu in suk folokinya. Panang fwakak kalem sel David la el finne orala ma koluk, el enenu in lalalfongi God sefanna ma ase moul, meyen el mukena pa finsrak lasr nuke moul. El oayapa akkalemye la Jesus el misla na ke nununkeyuk El, El sang ma nukewa nu sin God (1Pet 2:21-24); pa ingan an se ma fwal kut in filiya enenu lasr we u. Ke verses 15 - 22, "David el fwakak ma koluk lal ma el orala nu sin Leum God, panang el akyokye in verses 18-19 la yok fosrnga lal ke ma koluk el orala, pukantwen met srungal a laenul. tusruktu, oana ke fwakak ma kalem ingan, ma nukewa el sang nu sin God. Kaksakin God ke mwe lutlut na wo ma sik fal nuke pal u a in akkeye kut kais sie. Tu paye la misenge, kut asr ke weh in akkoluk mukena a upa na kut in orala srui a kaksak lasr ke mwet pal elos putatyang nuke ma upa. Fwal nu sik in wi lutlut kin a in akkeyeyu sifwana. Kulo ke KAS wolana. GB [FB Posting by Dcns. Havely Tosie]


MOMUSA: Gospel Trilogy 7.6.2016 by Surleigh Tara

July 7th, 2016

Gospel Trilogy Teaching by Surleigh Tara

Human Contribution: Faith, Love, & Hope
Divine Contribution: Justification, Sanctification, & Glorification
Divine Contributor: Jesus, Holy Spirit, & Father

Under Faith, we believe
Under Love, we behave
Under Hope, we become


1 Corinthians 13:13, Ephesians 1: 15-18, & Colossians 1: 3-5


KIKBIST024: Deuteronomy Part 3 by Lipan Welly

July 1st, 2016

Pa inge kapin fackohloh nuke book lun Deuteronomy suc ma kolyuck sel Tamulel Lipan Welly


AIW029: Sifac - Ahlohloh Lain Luhlahlfongi by Surleigh Tara

July 1st, 2016

Alu in Wednesday online suc ma kolyuck sel Surleigh Tara.

Wednesday June 29 2016
Sifac: Ahlohloh Lain Luhlahlfongi
Mwe Read: 2 Corinth 4:1-6

KIKBIST022: Deuteronomy Part 1 by Lipan Welly

June 18th, 2016

Bible Study nuke Deuteronomy suc kolyuck se Lipan Welly


AIW0028: Sifac: Ahkos God 06.15.2016 by Surleigh Tara

June 17th, 2016

Alu in Wednesday suc ma kolyuck sel Surleigh Tara
Sifac: Ahkos God
Mwe Read: Hebrews 11:7-12

Pacl nukewa ma kut fin readi ke book lun Hebrews, kut enenu in nunku ke ip lun lulalfongi.  Book se inge sramsram yohk na ke lulalfongi nusin God Kulana. Pus mwet ke Bible natusr ma simla nusesr kut in wi lutlut ke kain in lulalfongi lalos. Mwet se meet an pa Noah suc ma God El fwak nusel in musahela soko oak fin finoal soko. Na kut fin motko lac pacl se inge wangin mwet uh liyacl Noah mu el oana mwet wel se ke sripen sap soko lun God nusel inge. Tusruktuh, kut kalem kac lac ke sripen akosten lal, pacnacang el ac sou lal pa moullac ke sronot lulap sac. 
Arulana pus pac mwet ke Bible natusr suc ma elos akkalemye lulalfongi yohk lalos.  Ma inge simla yohk nusesr in wi lutlut pac kac. Lac ke acn ma kut oasr, kut in liksreni na orekama lulalfongi lasr uh nuke ma God El pangon kut nuke. Pang lal God nusesr uh tia pang oacyac. Mwet uh fin ngetngetkin mu sufwal nuke akwuck lalos, tusruktuh akwuck lun mwet uh sufallac nuke akwuck kut kolyuck lun God.  

Efin wangin lulalfongi, kut e tia na ku in akilen lung kulang ku mwe insewowo sin God mwe.  Kut enenu in suk God meet kut in muh wi akyokye lulalfongi lasr nuke akwuck lun God. Kut fin fwas ke akwuck lun mwet uh, tia pa nge lulalfongi uh. Meyen ma mwetuh akiyac uh, kut ku in akilen ku liye ke mutasr.  Akwuck lun God uh enen in fwasr fwal nuke ma sumusla ke Bible Mutal natusr uh. Inkaiyen akwuck in kut e tia ku in liye ke mutasr sifena. Kut enenu in sisal pacl yohk in prue meet liki read ma sumusla na in fulellah nusin Ngun Mutal in kuh in ikucs nusesr ma lukma ke kahs lun God. Pa inge yohk sripac in akyohkye ke lulalfongi lasr ke akwuck lun God.

MOMUSA: John 5 Part 1 Study by Sato Suka

June 16th, 2016

MOMUSA Online Bible Studies lead by Mr. Sato Suka




A. All Jewish male required to go up to Jerusalem three times a year to celebrate

feasts: Passover, Pentecost, Feast of Tabernacle, (Deut. 16:16).

B. Every direction you come from, you always go up to Jerusalem. 2500 feet above

sea level on Mount Zion. Jesus went up to celebrate the feasts.

C. Jesus attended feasts not Jewish traditions.


On His way up there, the “Good Shepherd,” the “Lamb of God” who takes away sins

of the world, passes by the Sheep Gate.

A. Jesus passes by the pool called “Bethesda” by the Sheep Gate (vs. 2)

i. Sheep Gate – Jesus as the Gate (John 10:9)

ii. Bethesda – “House of mercy,” called on account of its healing properties,

restoring health to the sick and infirm.

B. Sick people by the pool waiting for the water to be stirred (vs. 3)

i. A Pool

ii. Notice the sick people – Those who were “feeble” rather than afflicted

with “acute” diseases (vs. 3).

iii. Reason of gathering by the pool (vs. 4).

C. Application

i. Looking at the scene at Bethesda, those around it, picture of the world.

1. Blind - Spiritually blind apart from Christ (2 Corinthians 4:3-4).

2. Paralyzed - A person can be paralyzed by sin (Mark 2:5).

3. Lame – Cripple in a sense not moving forward, dead spiritually

w/out Christ.

4. If you look around today, many still sitting as by the pool for

something to be change. But their life is slowly slipping away.

5. Wages of sin is dead, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus

Christ our Lord, (Romans 6:23).


A. John highlights one particular man, the paralyzed man.

i. Been in that condition for 38 years.

ii. Jesus knew he had been in that condition a long time (vs. 6)

1. Nothing hidden from the sight of the Lord (Hebrews 4:13)

2. Jesus sees your life

iii. Jesus saw him (vs.6)

1. Jesus didn’t pass by him, didn’t ignore him, but He saw him.

iv. He said to him, "Do you want to be made well?" (vs. 6)

1. A “Yes” or “No” answer. (vs.7)

2. Instead he answered what the problem and solution are.


A. Jesus told the paralyzed man to do something impossible, “Rise, take up your bed

and walk,” (vs.8).

i. The Impossible - 38 years been completely paralyzed!

1. Anything impossible for God to handle? “With God all things are

possible,” (Matt. 9:26).

ii. Obedience to His Command will make you well (vs.9).

1. When Jesus commands, you better obey! There are rewards for

obeying God. Obedience is followed by blessings.

2. No indication Jesus held his hands, or picked up his bed. He simply

obeyed and was healed.

3. God won’t force you to do it. But once you take up that step, He

will enable you!

4. Many are in the situations today because they are unwilling to do

the Lord’s command.


A. He picked up his bed and walked. The only problem, it was on a Sabbath Day


B. Jesus did many miracles on the Sabbath Day purposely.

C. Obey the Lord, not the tradition of men - When Jesus raises you up and you begin

to walk, how other people don't always understand what happened. “The man

responded, I'm doing what I was told to do.” (vs.10-12)


A. Jesus said to him, “See you have been made well, sin no more, lest a worst thing

come upon you.” (vs.14)

B. “Sin no more, lest something worst come upon you.” (vs.14)


A. Jesus Came - Jesus knew that that man was in that condition for 38 years. And

He also knew it was a result of his sin. Yet, He still came to that pool of Bethesda

and found that man.

B. He Willingly Came - He had made the decision that put him in the position he

was in. Jesus could have said, you did this to yourself. You're on your own.

You're paralyzed because of what you did. It wasn't an accident, you made it

happened. (Isaiah 53:4-7)

C. God’s Grace - Don't miss the grace of God that comes and find this man in 38

years. He knows he's there because of his sin. In that miserable place, Jesus

comes and finds him. Seeks him out individually and heals him, not because he

deserves it, but because He's gracious.


A. Do we see ourselves in this story? We were in that situation because of decision

we made. We chose to do those things. Jesus came and found us. "Do you want

to be made well?"

B. Similarities between the Nobleman and Paralyzed man.

i. Nobleman was desperate, but he had the word of Jesus and he believed it

and experienced a miracle to his son raised from death.

ii. The paralyzed man, he was in the situation he was in because of decision

he had made. Yet, he too, received the words of Jesus and experienced a

miracle in his life, the grace of God so clearly demonstrated.

C. Do you see yourself in these stories? Come to Jesus, allow Him to take hold of

that need and heal you.


KIKBIST020: Oekyuck Part 2 by LM Driskell Jack

June 2nd, 2016

Bible Study ke book lun Oekyuck Part 2 suc kolyuck sel LM Driskell Jack


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